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You could save money by having smart heating installed to your home

With the rise in the cost of living, more and more homeowners are choosing to have smart heating installed in their homes. There are many benefits of having a smart thermostat installed to your heating system, here are a few:

1. You can save up to £311 a year according to Hive, and anything between 10-12% with Google Nest, depending on your usage.

2. Most thermostats come with Geolocation or a Geofence so it knows when you are out of the house, meaning it can turn the heating off automatically if you leave the heating on.

3. You can control the heating in your home from your phone, so if you forget to turn it off when you’re out, you can turn it off or down remotely. You can also turn it on when you’re on your way home, so your home is nice and warm when you get in.

4. Some of our customers love the fact that you don’t have to get out of bed to turn the heating down if you forget to do it before going to bed.

You can also have smart TRVs (radiator vales) installed to control each radiator in your home to make your heating system even more efficient.

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